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Dr Gershon Maller, Principal Editor. ‘Our mission at Literati is to maximise impact potential of the benefits of new knowledge and imagination on behalf of authors whom we choose to take on as clients based on the needs of a manuscript at the time presented. Services range from proofreading, copy and structural editing to academic and scientific consultation according to time and budget available’.

+             English editing certificates for ESL authors and academics
+             Dissertation & thesis editing & academic consultant
+             Manuscript development
+             Editing to scientific & scholarly standards
+             Literary studies, philosophy, poetry, narratology, social sciences, cultural studies

What Our Clients say:

The fact that I passed without amendment is testament to your fine work. I have no hesitation in recommending you to other PhD students. Dr Vince Scappatura, BA DipEd MAIR PhD. Read more here.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your excellent editing services and cooperation during that short period of time. We really highly appreciate your work. Thank you again. Dr Shaker Ali Al-Mohammadi. Director, Quality Assurance Department, Al Buraimi University College, Oman.

Congratulations to our recently published authors & successful graduate researchers

Book Cover

Chetcuti, JC (2018) Sydney’s first gay Mardi Gras: What brought it on and how it changed
Lygon Street Legal Services, Princess Hill, Victoria, Australia

In his forward to this significant book, the Hon. Michael Kirby, AC CMG, states that
‘Joseph Chetcuti has done a service for all Australians. His book travels far beyond the
LGBTIQ community in New South Wales. He had chronicled a change that occurred in
one small part of the world’s surface’ (Chetcuti 2018, p. v).

Derbel, E (2016) ‘Reclaiming one’s own territory and time in narrative and graphic
memoirs: A comparative study of Reading Lolita in Tehran & Persepolis (1) & (2)‘. PhD
thesis, Manouba University, Tunisia.

Real Property in Australia by Michael J. Hefferan

Hefferan, MJ (2016) Real property in Australia  eContent Management.

It was very remiss of me to forget to get back in touch with you on your work on the manuscript Real Property. Your input at that point in time was most beneficial and I wanted to write to you to thank you for that. The book is now complete and is now in circulation. Mike Hefferan, Vice-Chancellor, University of the Sunshine Coast.

Scappatura, V (2016) ‘The Australia-United States Alliance and the management of elite
opinion’. PhD thesis, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia.

Gavriel-Fried, & Shilo G, (2015) ‘Defining the family: The role of personal values and
personal acquaintance’. Journal of Family Studies.

Jugend D, da Silva S, Oprime P, & Pimenta P (2015) ‘Organizational issues for integration
of high-technology in new product development: Framework proposal and case
studies in Brazilian companies’. Innovation: Management Policy & Practice.

Maller, CJ (2016) ‘Epigenetics, theories of social practice and lifestyle disease’, in A Hui, T Schatzki & E Shove (eds), The nexus of practices, Routledge, London.

Maller, CJ (2018) Healthy urban environments: More-than-human theories. Routledge,

Healthy Urban Environments : More-than-Human Theories book cover

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