New York Editorial

Asia Pacific Correspondent Securities Industry News New York:

Research & report on emerging technologies for
capital markets in  Australasia. Thomson Publications now Thomson Reuters

Maller, G. (2006). A Futures-Equities Combination, (Almost) In Progress Down Under. Securities Industry News18(20), 17-23.

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Maller, G. (2006). Australia Exchange Pricing Gets Closer Look. (cover story). Securities Industry News, 18(40), 1-29.

Maller, G. (2006). Australia Flourishing as Processing Hub. (cover story). Securities Industry News, 18(42), 1-25.

Maller, G. (2006). Australia on Multi-asset Clearing Track. Securities Industry News, 18.

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Maller, G. (2004). Demutualized Down Under. (cover story). Securities Industry News, 16(3), 1-21.

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Maller, G. (2002). Providers Seek to Automate Australian Fund Biz. Securities Industry News14(25), 16.

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