I’d like to extend my deepest thanks to you for your assistance throughout the editing process. The final stages of a PhD are nerve-racking and your thoroughness, professionalism and expertise instilled me with great confidence. The edits you suggested made a world of difference to the readability and presentation of my thesis and ensured I met the very highest standards required for a doctoral dissertation. The fact that I passed without amendment is testament to your fine work. I have no hesitation in recommending you to other PhD students.

Dr Vince Scappatura, BA, DipEd, MAIR, PhD


I am writing to share with you the good news that my wife had her viva this week and she got her PhD with distinction (very honourable) and the panel recommended the thesis to be published. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your excellent editing services and cooperation during that short period of time. We really highly appreciate your work. Thank you again.

Dr Chaker Mhamdi
Director, Quality Assurance Department
Al Buraimi University College, Oman


It was very remiss of me to forget to get back in touch with you on your work on the manuscript Real Property. Your input at that point in time was most beneficial and I wanted to write to you to thank you for that. The book is now complete and is now in circulation. I also wanted to mention that there is a second book (on university engagement) which I am co-authoring with a colleague in the US and one in Canada. This will be published on-line in four sections, the first of which is almost ready for proof reading. I hope that we could be back in contact about that one over forthcoming weeks.

Mike Hefferan
Pro Vice-Chancellor
University of the Sunshine Coast


I have been working on what you have suggested. I appreciated that you did more than what I have expected by giving me so many helpful comments to improve my writing and my arguments. Thank you so much.  Academic MS for Journal Article


Gershon, you did not only answer my questions, but also gave me suggestions on what I did not ask questions about. You are as helpful as you can be, very careful, thoughtful and proactive. I will later get back to you with my corrected paper according to your suggestions. Thank you very much. I have never expected to learn so much. Academic Ms for Journal  Article


This was absolutely fantastic. I will come back to you after the publisher has done their content-review, at which point, I will incorporate their suggestions into a document, send to the authors, and after their response will send to your kind attention for a complete copy-editing. This was really great and helpful! MS for Chapter from a Book


Thank you very much. It was really helpful because of your careful work. Newsletter Literary Society

This editor did an excellent job. Gershon made the paper very clean while other ordinary editors left a lot of typos uncorrected.I am very satisfied with his professional and careful editing. Thesis Chapter


He reads and understands what I want to say while bad editors do not. Thesis Chapter


Dear Gershon,
Thank you very much for your professional editing. I appreciate it. Academic Abstract

Names/identities/referees/available on request.

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