Conference Papers

October 2012
“‘The Palm at the End of the Mind’: The  Nature of the Inexpressible
in the Late Poetry of Wallace Stevens.” The Expressible and the Inexpressible Biennial Conference in Philosophy, Religion, and Culture. Catholic Institute of Sydney.

August 2012
“A Conversation with  the Universe.” Cultures of Exchange and
Exchanges of Culture. 16th Annual Work in Progress Conference.
School of English, Media Studies, And Art History. University of Queensland.

March 2012
“The Semantics of Silence: Examples from Wallace Stevens.” English,  Media Studies, and Art History Research Seminar Series. University Of  Queensland.

October 2008
“Borges and the Golem: Towards a Semiotics of Mythopoetic Reality.” Refashioning Myth: Poetic Transformations and Metamorphoses. Faculty of Art, School of Culture and Communication, Melbourne University

August 2007
Borges, the Golem, and the Liar  Paradox.” Jorge Luis Borges Symposium: English Literature and Other Inquisitions. Department of  Spanish Studies, Macquarie University.

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