Nights in the Gardens of Spain
Whoever actually wrote this book did an exquisite job—the poems radiate
a blistering readiness…like drops of water  that fall on fresh flowers.
Chris Mansel Muse Apprentice Guild. USA.

Each single poem is a complete and unique artefact…an  original poet whose sought after technical perfection separates him from some of his contemporaries… few poets are so hauntingly oblique, so good at knowing what to say and what to leave unsaid…Holtz’s poems invariably ritualise their subjects; the result can be writing of exquisite poignancy. Holtz observes, reacts and philosophises in a keen and singular manner. 
Patricia Prime Stylus Poetry Journal.

The title poem is a feast on the senses as well as the imagination …it reminds us of what great poetry is capable of   in terms of rejuvenating our ways of looking at the world. What is also striking about Nights in the Gardens of Spain is  the poet’s fascination with de-familiarising specific objects and imbuing them with symbolic and metaphorical possibilities. The results are surreal and strikingly original.
Cyril Wong Dotlit Review.

Nights in the Gardens of Spain demonstrates an uncanny talent for connecting world events with the minutiae of everyday living. While the object of the narrative is to move through time, it is the duty of the poet to make time stand still, and few do this as well as Holtz. In his linking of European culture to that of contemporary Australia, he  weaves a tapestry of universality and beauty. This is a voice that deserves to be heard more widely.
Sue Gough Judge Queensland Premier’s Literature Awards.

Nights in the Gardens of Spain impressed me greatly with its  deep philosophical enquiry and its imaginative recasting of historical events. In my opinion Holtz is an intelligent and lyrical poet of significant talent. 
Dr Bronwyn Lea Senior Lecturer EMSAH UQ.

The poetry is light and yet still profound, full of joy, a  tender humanism, and an
exceptional command of the  metaphor…This is a wonderful collection.
Magdalena Ball Thylazine.

Night Breathing.
Often surrealist in its approach this poetry puts surrealism to good use—as a vehicle
for states of feeling, and as a means of realising a wider perspective of a world where the particulars of suffering and meditation are part of a living continuum.
Bruce Dawe.

The poems in this collection, especially the longer ones are impressive in their
lyrical intensity and sophistication.
Philip Neilsen Professor Creative Writing and Cultural Studies QUT.

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