Holtz, Gershon.* and Fiona Dempster Silence Vol 27. Artist Book, 2009.
www.fionadempster.com. * nom de plume
_____.Nights in the Gardens of Spain. Flaxton, Qld:Post Pressed, 2002.

Maller, Gary ne Gershon. Night Breathing. Metro Arts Pamphlet Poets. Bne:
Metro Press, 1993 (Chap Book).

Maller, Gary. Listing at www.austlit.edu.au
_____. “Soap.” The Sydney Morning Herald. (1992).np.
Holtz, Gershon. “Collateral Damage.” Stylus Poetry Journal. August 2003.
_____. “Dissected Ram.” Thylazine. 11.06  2006.
_____. “Gaudi’s Audacity.” Stylus Poetry Journal. October 2002.
_____. “Hare and Copper Cauldron.” Thylazine.  11.06  2006
_____. “Impossible Arrangement.” Stylus Poetry Journal. October 2003
_____. “The Mantelpiece.” Muse Apprentice Guild. Summer  2003

Performed Works Multimedia
Holtz, Gershon. Death in Full Bloom—Sojourn to Caravaggio’s Italy and Beyond.
Brisbane Writers Festival, 2006. Production by Arts Qld.

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